Patricia Weston

- Patricia Weston

Individual Bookings

When you contact our accommodation team rest assured they will help you find the perfect homestay accommodation here in Dublin, Ireland. Patricia uses her extensive knowledge of Dublin and our hosts to match your location and needs with the best host family possible. If you are over 18+ andΒ  coming to work, study or holiday we can provide clean, comfortable, safe accommodation at affordable prices.

Individual Bookings for Mature Students, Workers, and Interns

  • Phone: (+353) 01 4446045 ext. 2007
  • Mobile: +353 852 683224
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Overseeing the Accommodation Team, I’m Patricia, and I’m here to guide you in finding the perfect homestay accommodation right here in Dublin, Ireland. With a wealth of knowledge about Dublin and our diverse host community, I take pride in personally matching your location and needs with the most fitting host family.

For those aged 18 and above, whether you’re coming for work, study, or a holiday, I assure you of clean, comfortable, and secure accommodationβ€”all at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I’m dedicated to ensuring that your stay in Dublin is not only convenient but also memorable. Feel free to reach out, and let me help you discover the ideal homestay that suits your unique preferences and requirements.