Marica Killi

- Marica Killi

CEO & Founder

Marica Killi started the business over 10 years ago, when she spotted a need for affordable homestay accommodation in Ireland, having been a host herself for many years, she knew all the needs of a host and also how to treat guests and welcome them into your home.  Alongside years of working in sales, she started Host Family Dublin Ireland – HFDI LTD and the rest is history.

I embarked on this journey over a decade ago with a simple yet profound belief – that affordable homestay accommodation in Ireland should be accessible to everyone. Drawing from my extensive experience as both a host and a sales professional, I founded Host Family Dublin Ireland – HFDI LTD.

Having walked in the shoes of a host for many years, I intimately understood the needs of both hosts and guests, learning the art of creating a welcoming home.

My mission goes beyond providing affordable and high-quality homestay options to students, workers, and interns. It’s about empowering thousands of hosts across Ireland to unlock the potential of tax-free income (up to 14K on the rent a room scheme) by opening their homes to students.

This venture is not just a business; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every participant in our network experiences excellence in customer service throughout the entire process. In crafting this journey, every host becomes a storyteller, and every guest becomes a cherished chapter in the history we’re creating together.