High School Program for Academic Students

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High School Program for Academic Students: A Global Learning Experience in Dublin!

Welcome to Host Family Dublin’s High School Program for Academic Students

At Host Family Dublin, we take pride in offering students from all corners of the globe a safe, comfortable, and affordable homestay accommodation experience right here in Dublin, Ireland. Our High School Program for Academic Students provides a unique opportunity for teenagers aged 14-16 to fully immerse themselves in an enriching academic and cultural journey.

Program Features

Safe and Comfortable Homestay Accommodation

Our host families open their doors to students, providing a safe and welcoming environment where students can experience family life. We prioritize comfort, ensuring that students feel at home while pursuing their academic goals in Dublin.

Conversational English Practice

Living with our carefully selected host families allows students to practice their conversational English skills on a daily basis. This immersive experience goes beyond the classroom, fostering language development in real-life situations.

Language Courses at Nearby Schools

Many students choose to enhance their language skills by taking courses at one of the numerous language schools nearby. These institutions provide quality language education, complementing the overall academic experience.

Rich Cultural Surroundings

Dublin, with its hundreds of historic attractions and places of interest, serves as an ideal backdrop for academic and cultural exploration. Students are surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush green countryside, creating a truly immersive experience.

Program Duration and Structure

  • Ideal Age Group: Aimed at teenagers aged 14-16.
  • Duration Options: 9 months or 1 trimester.
  • Full Immersion: Students are fully immersed with their host families.

Why Choose Host Family Dublin

  • Fully Registered Host Families: All our host families are fully registered with us, meeting the high standards expected from Host Family Dublin Ireland.
  • Academic Excellence: Experience fantastic academic school environments, fostering English improvement, confidence building, and the opportunity to make new friends.

How to Enroll

To join our High School Program for Academic Students, simply fill in our online registration form. Our team is here to assist you in creating a tailored academic and cultural experience in Dublin.

Come to Ireland and embark on a journey of academic growth, language enhancement, and cultural exploration. Host Family Dublin welcomes you to an unforgettable learning adventure!

Thank you for choosing Host Family Dublin, where global education meets Irish hospitality!

High School Program for Academic Students in Dublin

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Our host families have:

Garda Vetting (Security check)
WiFi Access
Easy access to the public transport