Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our host families live within 30 to 60 minutes commute to the city centre, Irish families who offer their rooms do not live in the city centre and we have only a small number of hosts who live walking distance. However Dublin offers an excellent transport service, with plenty of bus, train, and tram.
For private bookings where the guest pays you directly, It is up to the host to decide if you wish to ask your guest for a deposit, this should be told to your guest in writing prior to their arrival to your home, It is also up to the host to ensure that they have adequate home insurance.
For longer term stays and private bookings it is recommended and show them how to lock up securely.
Some hosts ask for this, please discuss with your host family.
For individual bookings you pay your rent directly to your host family, on the day you arrive and you are satisfied with your accommodation. You can pay weekly or monthly and you can discuss this with your host.
If you were unhappy with your accommodation on arrival to your host family’s we would find you a an alternative asap. If you require another host family as your circumstances change we would find you a new room at a reduced fee.
Please give your host 1 x weeks notice and the same would apply if they wanted to give you notice if circumstances changed.
We ensure that our host family's are in good family areas, with excellent transport services. We have many host family's in the North of Dublin which is a fantastic area, with lots of wonderful amenities and places to visit and very safe. In the heart of Dublin City like any Cities we ask that you take extra care of your personal belongings, mobile phones etc.
Rent a Room Relief may not apply to Host Family Income. It is the Host Family's responsibility to seek professional advice with regard to taxation of Host Family Income.
You should discuss this with your host family on arrival! General house rules would be:
  • Be respectful to everyone in your host family.
  • No guests permitted in your room without consulting your host first.
  • No smoking inside the hosts home.
  • No drinking alcohol or drugs.
  • If you have any issues discuss them with your host first, they will try to address them.
  • After 9 pm keep noise to a minimum.
  • Tidy up after yourself.
  • If you are on a room-only package, discuss with your host when you can use the kitchen and laundry (buy your own detergent).
  • Use please and thank you, our hosts love good manners.