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Discover the warmth of Irish hospitality with our carefully curated host family experiences in the heart of Dublin. Whether you’re a travel agency, school, or an individual seeking a unique stay, we have tailored offerings to make your time in Ireland truly memorable.

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  • Authentic Connections: Immerse yourself in Irish culture by staying with welcoming host families who open their homes and hearts to guests.
  • Tailored Solutions for B2B Partners: Agencies, schools, and Erasmus programs across Europe trust us for seamless, customized accommodation solutions. Explore our dedicated services designed just for you.
  • Internship Opportunities for High School Students: Elevate your learning experience by participating in our high school internship program. Gain valuable insights into Irish culture and business while staying with our trusted host families.
  • Personalized Experiences for Individuals: From solo travelers to families, experience Dublin like a local with our host family program. Create lasting memories in a home away from home.

Are you looking for homestay accommodation in Dublin, Ireland?

We can help you.


  • Clean, comfortable, homestay rooms with wifi.
  • Host families who give a warm welcome to their guests.
  • We work with school groups, agents worldwide and private individuals.
  • Internship programs.
  • Cultural trips for schools and colleges.
  • We remove the stress of finding a room to rent in Dublin, for workers and mature students 18+ looking for a room within easy commute to their work or college.

- About Us

We are a Dublin based, Host Family Agency who are experts in offering clean, safe and comfortable, Homestay accommodation to students from around the world.
We work with Agents, Schools, and individuals who are looking for homestay accommodation with one of our wonderful hosts who live in Dublin and Ireland.

  • Clean, comfortable, homestay rooms with wifi.
  • Host families who give a warm welcome to their guests
  • We work with school groups, agents worldwide and private individuals.
  • Internship programs.
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For private bookings where the guest pays you directly, It is up to the host to decide if you wish to ask your guest for a deposit, this should be told to your guest in writing prior to their arrival to your home, It is also up to the host to ensure that they have adequate home insurance.
Rent a Room Relief may not apply to Host Family Income. It is the Host Family's responsibility to seek professional advice with regard to taxation of Host Family Income.
For longer term stays and private bookings it is recommended and show them how to lock up securely.
Group bookings ( we place students/leaders together in areas, all over Dublin and Ireland):
  • International school students coming for short stays 4-7 days age 13-19
  • Intern students coming for work experience 1-3 months age 16-25
  • Summer programmes - 3-4 week stays 11-19 age studying and sightseeing
  • Immersion summer students - they spend all their time with the family
  • Academic students who go to Irish secondary schools aged 15 -16
Private bookings (we offer them your room & location and they choose where they want to stay): We have launched our new sister website to help hosts receive lots more bookings
  • Mature language students ( attending English Schools in Dublin )
  • Academic year students ( attending Trinity, RCSI, IADT, DCU, UCD)
  • Transition year students 15 -16 age various schools around Ireland
  • Internships ( University students -working in businesses to gain work experience
  • Contract workers, nurses, cabin crew, etc.
  • Foreign workers here to study & work improve English

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